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WeBIMSync is a BIM project management platform evolved for years by WeBIM Services.

WeBIMSync is a user-friendly solution optimized for seamlessly multi-discipline BIM collaboration based on a mature system.

WeBIMSync aims to get every project stakeholder started within a merely 15-minutes online training course and helps everyone benefit from BIM workflow early on.

WeBIMSync can utilize portable tablets and let users bring BIM models and project data with them, along with all the features designed for various scenarios.

WeBIMSync's unique and robust features, built upon user feedback from more than 60 real projects, make lean project management effortless.

WeBIMSync and SyncoBox work together to eliminate data loss in the traditional distribution method by managing versions, permission, and history of BIM models and all project data.


Multi-discipline collaboration

A successful construction project requires collaboration between different roles in the AEC(Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

WeBIMSync provides a seamlessly integrated platform for stakeholders in various roles, architects, designers, and the trades, to do their best work with our powerful feature sets.

Industry-leading 3D formats support

WeBIMSync supports more than 60 formats, including .skp and others from most modeling software.

We support not only the 3D model but the information from BIM software, and some are particularly helpful in the facility management (FM) phase:

1. Information that compliant with the COBie standard

2. Hyperlink to product manuals or documentations

Interactive 4D simulation

4D simulation function can visualize project timeline along with real-time BIM model status.

Furthermore, check the schedule on a specific day is made easier than ever, help to reduce the risk of project delay.

See Demo

Ease of Use

Minimize onboarding time

We are confident that it only takes 15 minutes of training to work with the BIM model for people with limited learning time or who don't have high-spec hardware according to near-hundred time's training experiences.

As WeBIMSync a user-friendly solution, all stakeholders can quickly benefit from BIM workflow, and it can also significantly improve efficiency for power users.

Customizable model layers

Viewing BIM models depending on team workflow is essential to efficient communication and collaboration.

WeBIMSync provides a highly customizable layer function, let BIM managers easily organize models to work with team workflow.

Users can either set layers visibility to On, Off, or Translucent base on their needs.

See Demo

Intuitive section tool

WeBIMSync streamlined the model section tool to make model reviewing fast and straightforward by providing accessible and accurate 3-axis section control.

See Demo

Object-level visual control

Visuals of each object in the BIM model can be individually set to isolate, hide, or translucent in the object menu easily accessed by a right-clicking.

See Demo

Navigate effortlessly

Our goal is to make more stakeholders benefit from BIM by making model reviewing fast and straightforward.

WeBIMSync comes with an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface that is easy to learn and use.

See Demo

Get dimensions anywhere

Dimensions are one of the most important information in the BIM model.

With the handy dimension tool in WeBIMSync, you can quickly check the space clearance or size of any object with just two clicks.

See Demo

Unique Features

Drawing overlay

Drawing overlay allows users to check the consistency between the 2D drawing and BIM model and find corresponding space name or dimension information in the drawing quickly while reviewing projects.

See Demo

2D drawing as minimap

Users will never get lost when navigating large models with WeBIMSync's proprietary feature that shows the real-time position on 2D drawing as a minimap.

Additionally, users can specify a point on the minimap and teleport in the BIM model view, similar to how the street view works in maps.

See Demo

Always show relevant drawing

When navigating vertically, WeBIMSync will switch to the corresponding drawing as a minimap.

Users can always know their current position and feel at home when working with BIM models.

See Demo

Navigate to spaces

WeBIMSync integrates with the room feature in Revit; when working with large models, navigating to specific space significantly accelerate collaboration in team meetings.

See Demo

Sync views throughout the workflow

Users can sync all 3D views created in Revit to WeBIMSync with original names and section settings using our workflow, which keeps information between modelers and model users consistent.

See Demo

Markup management

Manage issues throughout the project lifecycle with WeBIMSync from discovering, documenting, raising issues to work on solutions and finally export issue archive.

With the markup function, users can store all the issue descriptions, redlines, 3D viewpoints in our SyncoBox cloud platform.

Stakeholders in the project can get email notifications and reply using mobile devices or web browsers.

See Demo

RFI management

WeBIMSync combines descriptions, attachments, status, 3D views, and BIM information into an RFI document that can be track and manage in real-time and export the archive data when the project ends.

See Demo


Takes BIM model anywhere

Users can access BIM models in the field with a portable touch device.

WeBIMSync is optimized for touch interactions and can navigate HUGE BIM model efficiently without a high-spec PC.

See Demo

Compare design to reality

When working on-site, WeBIMSync utilizes motion sensors in portable devices to allow users to align the BIM model with reality without the hassle of manually adjusting the viewpoint.

See Demo

Offline mode

Lots of scenarios lack a good internet connection required for most cloud solutions. However, WeBIMSync supports offline mode that downloads all project data to the device when the internet is available and syncs all changes later on without any data loss.

With the offline mode, users working on challenging conditions can also benefit from BIM workflow.

See Demo

Multi-language support

WeBIMSync can switch between multiple languages without any additional language pack.

Currently support:

English / Traditional Chinese / Japanese

(Multi-language support is on the user interface level while text in BIM data will not change)


Manage all projects in one place

Company managers can efficiently manage all project members in one place without accessing project data for better security and role division.

SyncoBox is the cloud platform for project-based management.

See Demo

Project-based user access control

Different project roles can be assigned to each member, such as General Member, RFI Manager, Project Manager.

Once the project started, members can only access what they are allowed to and get started right away.

Build for team collaboration

WeBIMSync makes design reviewing and collaboration meetings effective and efficient by all the user-friendly features built upon 10,000+ hours of usage.

Model version management

WeBIMSync is backed by SyncoBox that can track all the model versions and revert it to anytime without worrying about someone getting the wrong information because it's always up-to-date.

See Demo

Subscription Plans


Navisworks Simulate
WeBIMSync Module *
SyncoBox Cloud Platform **
Microsoft Surface Pro Rental


Navisworks Simulate
WeBIMSync Module *
SyncoBox Cloud Platform **
Microsoft Surface Pro Rental


Navisworks Simulate
WeBIMSync Module *
SyncoBox Cloud Platform **
Microsoft Surface Pro Rental

WeBIMSync Cloud

Navisworks Simulate
WeBIMSync Module *
SyncoBox Cloud Platform **
Microsoft Surface Pro Rental

WeBIMSync Cloud+

Navisworks Simulate
WeBIMSync Module *
SyncoBox Cloud Platform **
Microsoft Surface Pro Rental

* WeBIMSync module includes drawing minimap, model management, markup, and RFI management functions.

** SyncoBox cloud platform includes markups management, RFI management, panorama, and document management functions.

– The above subscription plans are only available to business customers.

– We provide 6 months, 1 year, 3 years subscription periods, and a 3 months trial plan.

– All plans include product training.

1. WeBIMSync Standalone plan requires a license of Navisworks Simulate or above.

2. WeBIMSync+ Standalone plan and WeBIMSync Cloud+ Online include the warranty of Microsoft Surface Pro under normal usage conditions.

3. WeBIMSync Standalone is priced at $2,700 NTD per month per user. Other plans are obligated to pricing change of other software and hardware. Please contact sales by email or phone for the pricing.

4. Subscription plans can be paid with third-party payment service NewebPay, and we'll provide a unique payment link to you. We accept web ATM and ATM transfers.


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